Friday, February 27, 2015

Hidden in Lies

Rachael Duncan has truly outdone herself in Hidden Lies. No joke when I say this is the best book I have read this year. -The Book Bar

This was an absolutely amazing story. -Eye Candy Bookstore

This was one of THE BEST cliffhangers Ever! -All Romance Reviews

This book was steamy, suspenseful, and full of emotions! But that ending- AHHHHH! Why? Oh why!?! Seriously!?! -Give Me Books

Twisted just enough to keep you hooked! -Book Boyfriend Hangover

I couldn't put this book down. -Babu's Bookshelf


Who needs love when you have money?
It used to be enough, but now it’s not.
Not since he walked into my life and made me question everything.
Now I want more, but I know that’s impossible.
Things aren’t always as they seem.
My true self is hidden, and that works for me.
Or it did.
I hide in a bed of deception to disguise myself, and I’m good at it.
Or I was.
I’m Elizabeth Fitzgerald.
I’m a Senator’s wife.
And I hate my life.

I am so proud of this novel and the feedback I've gotten from reviewers and readers has been overwhelming. I know many of you hate the "C" word. That's right, I'm talking about cliffhangers, but you won't have to wait forever and a day for the second and last installment to come out. It will release in a few short months and will be the conclusion to Elizabeth's story.

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I hope you enjoy this story full of heart ache, twists, some steam, and an ending that you won't see coming! As always, I'd love to hear your feedback. Please leave a review when you're finished. 


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